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Hypothyroidism: The beginning of the Success

Hypothyroidism: The beginning of the Success

The Last Meal

It was almost one year into my fight with my diagnose of Hypothyroidism (a condition which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone).  I was struggling with my symptoms: lack of energy, unable to lose weight,moodiness etc.

The thyroid is complicated as its main purpose is to “run the body’s metabolism”.  I have been  going for blood test every six weeks to get my “numbers” to balance out, then back in to the doctor to tell me that there was nothing she could do for me regarding my weight and other symptoms except to prescribe a tiny little pill which is supposed to aid in the development of hormones within my body–which is shooting in the dark to get the right medication needed to medication prescribed.

This was the last meal I had without a worry in the world: something within myself clicked and I felt that I had to make a change.

I don’t know what triggered my interest in the Paleo world, however I was intrigued.  It is intimating with so many paleo-haters…I look at it more like a healthy life choice not a life long sentence.  A lot of blogs, nutritionist, everyday people talk about balance…exercise…sleep  These are all KEY aspects into the balance I was searching for.

I accepted mentally that I was going to take on a 30 day challenge with myself to eat the most wholesome, self prepared food that I had available within my reach.  My plan was then to get my blood check, after the 30 days and see what story the numbers told.  Then I was going to slowly incorporate some dairy back in and eventually some whole grains, rice etc. to see how my body would react.

Follow my blog to see the struggles and successes that I have found to work with this condition and how I vowed to make a change and stick to it.

For more information regarding Hypothyroidism: 

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