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Knit Bow Tie Headbands

Knit Bow Tie Headbands

I just thought I would share this with everyone.  It is non-food related…

With baby H arriving any day now in the next week and a half, I have been trying to keep myself occupied with projects around the house, beyond cooking, cleaning, gardening etc.  I wanted to make something that I haven’t tried before.  I found this DIY pattern online from How Does She ?. I changed up using old tank top, to going to the fabric store and getting some Jersey/Polyester/Rayon blend fabric.  I could not find any with patterns, however, I thought I would start with these beautiful colours.

Of course like all projects us in the Summerfield household start, we find this cloud of problems following us… we try to put positive energy out there, but there is always something.  This time it was my inherited machine from my beloved grandma who passed last fall–was misbehaving.  I have brought it down to Joyce’s Sewing Shop  down in Wortley Village for a tune up and to see if there are any major problems (waiting for the phone call).  It was not doing any proper stitches etc.  In the meantime I have prepped the material, cut (which is very time consuming, as it is a jersey stretch material).  All I have left to do, is sew around the pattern, leaving a 2cm gap, turn it right side in and voila I will be able to have knotted head bands for baby H and company!

I will post once complete the final project, on hopefully my soon to be born babe.

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